In 2005 we added a new crew member, PJ O'Tool, Handy Dog.  When she joined us she weighed less than 15 ounces, but grew to be a full 4 pounds.  In addition to being the Handy Dog she thinks she is the Office Manager and Project Supervisor.  Most days she rides along to hardware stores or sits in the truck while I work on estimates.  If she doesn't go to the store, I'm often reminded to bring her in the next time.  Folks are so drawn to her I finally gave he a supply of business cards that list her as "Handy Dog.  Landscape Specialist.  Holes Dug.  Lawn Fertilized."

Why are there photos of PJ, her office and tool boxes?  If we work this hard to do quality work for PJ, just think how hard we will work for you.

Her bed is designed like an old-fashioned tool box.  She has a smaller version for her own tool (toy) box.
Her courtyard has a maintainence-free fence and an arbor that follows the flow of the gate that has her name on it.  The office is cement board siding and roof, vinyl trim and windows, treated framing, composite decking and landing, all finished off with a nice porch light.
A short dog and a tall bed made these steps necessary.  Made of solid oak they have a washable runner.
Even when she's not riding in the truck, she's still on it.
Security is part of the job for PJ.  The yard is now safe from baby robins.